Business Management

The main business of our company is business management. We manage the companies of our clients from the moment of their registration (or purchase) and until the clients wish to start managing their businesses on their own after having received all the necessary visas, having moved their families to the US, learned English and all local business rules and practices.

Why should one want to manage a US-based business from the US? Or should we ask: Is it possible to manage a US-based business from Russia? We can give you dozens if not hundreds of examples of situations, when management of US-based businesses from Russia (Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan) resulted in complete absence of sales in the US.

Let’s dwell on the main reasons of such situations.

Large Business

  • Absence of competent management
  • Lack of understanding of specific aspects of the US market and its differences from the Russian market (especially mistakes in marketing and HR)
  • Continuous exceeding of the allocated budget
  • Mistakes in recruiting of personnel – instead of people suitable for the job according to their qualifications and business abilities people who just speak Russian were recruited
  • Absolute legal ignorance
  • Mistakes in purchasing equipment and goods (everything looks good in the Internet, advertising booklets and at the exhibitions)
  • Problems with banks
  • Problems with taxes

The main problem was failure to understand that in the USA, it is not possible to run a business “the Russian way” even at Brighton Beach.

Small Business

  • Even minor problems in the USA grow into big ones if you are trying to resolve them from Russia. These can range from blocking debit cards used from Russia (even if goods and services are paid for in America) and to disconnecting telephone lines and Internet services (it is often quite impossible to find out why they were disconnected and what should be done to get re-connected);
  • Difficulties in communicating with clients. These include not only bad command of American English but also everyday routine task management – meeting clients, callingto the US from Russia via 7-11 time zones, etc;
  • Language barrier;
  • Communication with Tax authorities;
  • Accounting difficulties (probably a better way to put it would be “no proper accounting”). You should know American West is no longer Wild;
  • The need to re-register the company every year and obtain all the necessary licenses;
  • Problems with arranging and participating in exhibitions (a lot of things cannot be booked or done from Russia);
  • Problems with remote control of bank accounts;
  • Difficulties with carrying out marketing and sales activities in the USA from Russia;
  • Rent of offices, warehouses. A lot of lessors do not want to sign rent agreements with someone who is not “local”;
  • Problems with payment by US credit cards via Russian merchant accounts, which is extremely important for the online business;
  • “Swindling” by lawyers and other experts, when for the simplest contract you have to pay thousands of dollars. It’s robbery. You are recognized as a “stranger” by your speech, or you are offered prices that are several times higher than standard “by default”. Local people would ask again about the price and the lawyer would apologize – he misunderstood. Strangers pay a lot because they do not know how to handle the situation;
  • Failure to understand that a US based business does not guarantee getting US visas. Visas depend on success of this business. You should know that a visa is like a prize for taxes paid to the budget and for the creation of new jobs in the USA. No profit – no taxes – no visa – no green card.

We can continue this list but the main thing is (and we’d like to repeat it) that when trying to resolve all issues from Russia, any problem (even a petty one) is likely to grow into a big problem and big problems becomes practically impossible to resolve.

Our Vision of Resolving Your Problems in This Situation

For the majority of newly established US companies, it is almost impossible to hire local staff. Expenses on salary, office, communication means, etc, will consume all your profits, and you will work only to support your American office and to pay salaries to the American staff.

On the other hand the idea of signing a contract with a big managing company is quite attractive at the first sight until you learn the amount of monthly fees and overheads that are compulsory under such contracts. After that, you would like this idea much less. But somebody has to pay for luxurious offices with expensive furniture and computer equipment, for salaries of all presidents, vice-presidents, heads of departments, for security, plane tickets etc.

What We Offer

Pay for results. If the system that we created for selling your products and services in the USA works, you will keep working with us. If it does not work then you can stop working with us. We earn money on sales. It means absolutely individual approach which allows us to save a lot of time and money.

Our employees will do all the necessary work for you. Calling to various organizations, sending out letters, making wire transfers, recruiting personnel, keeping accounting records, minutes and other corporate documents, booking hotels, renting cars, arranging meetings, preparing contracts and agreements and discussing them with lawyers etc – all this will be done.

You pay according to the scope of work done. We sign a contract with you wherein we provide for all the main activities that you delegate to us regarding the development and maintenance of your business. On your request (if it is necessary for business) we will prepare a business plan, a budget, a marketing plan etc.

In fact, you will receive all the necessary services from one provider. Our clients like it as it is convenient.

We determine the approximate scope of monthly work and you spend the same amount of money every month. If the volume of monthly work grows rapidly, we will reconsider the payments and discuss them with you.

We will not charge you for the first month of service provision in order to give you a chance to evaluate our work and to give us a chance to assess the scope of work.

If you, for some reason, are not satisfied with our employee(s) that provide(s) services to you, we will replace this employee(s) within a week.

Thus, we will save you the trouble of looking for and paying for offices, recruiting personnel, purchasing office equipment, communication means as well as many other problems that new companies are inevitably challenged during their work.

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